Hi there, gonna try to keep this straight forward and not ramble too much, just want to get you information for my Adoptables.

Don’t know what an adoptable is? Continue on after the Rights and Use section to “What is an adoptable

When Interested

If you see an adoptable for sale that you’d like, the following will happen:

  • First, leave a comment expressing your interest.
  • I will reach out to finalize things, including getting a paypal address, where I can send the invoice for payment.
  • You will have 48 hours to complete payment or the adoptable will go back on sale.

After Paying:

After buying the Adoptable I will:

  • Close the adoptable, so everyone knows it was sold.
  • E-mail you the hi-res image of the adoptable you bought along with color palettes.

I will attempt to do everything as soon as possible, and aim to have the adoptable to you within 24 hours, if there is a reason i cannot do so within 24 hours, I will at least reach out and touch bases with you on everything.

Rights and Use

  • The design is attached to a blank character, you may choose the character’s name, pronouns, and other details for your use of the character.
  • We both own the rights to the design, you may draw and use the design as you wish, even for commercially available purposes, so long as the products do not use the original art done by me.
  • The two of us will only ever be the ones with rights to the character/design, I will never sell those rights to anyone else.
  • You may not re-sell the design to anyone else, without first talking to me.
  • I also reserve the rights to use the design commercially, if you would like to buy an exclusive rights to an adoptable, so that I cannot use it, please talk to me, it will likely be an extra charge.
  • You may post the original art sent to you on social media as you wish, however you must credit me. If I do not have a presence where you posted it, I ask you link here to my website, or to my Twitter.
  • You are not required to credit me for the design when you post your own work, commissions of, or talk about the character, but you doing so is greatly appreciated!

What is an Adoptable?

An adoptable is a concept or design (usually of a person, animal, outfit, weapons, etc…), that can be bought, and in doing so, allows the purchaser rights to use the design in whatever way they see fit.

After you buy it, you own it (but unless exclusivity was purchased, remember that *I* still own it as well, we co-own it) and can use it for a wide variety of options!

How can I use it?

Really the skies the limit, but the following are common uses for adoptables:

  • Use the character in writing and stories, as their OC, side characters or filler characters.
  • Roleplay as the character.
  • Draw the character, or commissions others to describe.
  • Use them as characters in your comics.
  • Some just like to collect them and own them.
  • Others like them just cause they allow them to support the artist

Any Questions at all feel free to contact me!