DMsGuild Subclasses pulled from DMsGuild and Released for Free on my Patreon (Public)

If you have been around the RPG industry lately, chances are good you know everything that has been going with abuser and rapist Zak Smith/Sabbath. Alot has come up in that, and my official statement can be found here. What you may not know is that the abuser and rapist Zak Smith/Sabbath worked on D&D 5E, people have also come out, as have receipts, that Mike Mearls was informed of this, and actively shielded the abuser (including forward the emails directly to the abuser and rapist Zak Smith/Sabbath.) Between that and Wizards and Mike Mearls unwillingness to truly make a statement about it (because does anyone think that pathetic 5 line half truth deflection counts for anything?)

I don’t feel comfortable with Wizards making any money off of my products, but DMsGuild has an exclusivity clause in the ToS so i cannot take any of this elsewhere to make money, so I’m providing them free of charge here.

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