Layout Portfolio

I am open for Layout commission work for your projects! There are a lot of variables that go into Layout work, so it’s hard to put a number down without discussing your general needs. We’re all poor here, so I want to do my best to offer the lowest price i can for your needs, while still ensuring I still meet my financial needs for my work.

a simple and straightforward layout may be as low as $25 +$3-$5 per Page (Like The Wasteland Covenant or Arcology World), or may be as much as $35 per page for an intensive Asynchronous layout where every page will be completely unique from the previous (Like LUMEN:ENDGAME).

If we’re mutuals, message me on twitter or discord to get the ball rolling, if not, it might be easier for you to send me an email at at gmail dot com. Mutuals can ofc email too if they prefer.

Template Creation

Also at a reduced cost, I’m happy to create templates for you to use on your own, such will involve master pages, character and paragraph styles and anything else you might need!

Legacy of the Lost Layout

Legacy of the Lost uses a two-column layout Graphic Heavy layout, with asynchronous layout details throughout the book.

Arcology World Layout

Arcology World is a simple and straightforward Grayscaled Layout, 9×6 using a single column layout.


LUMEN: ENDGAME used an entirely chaotic and Asynchronous layout with no two pages looking the same.

The Wasteland Covenant Layout

The Wasteland Covenant uses a single column simple layout.

Eschaton Inc. Layout

Another simple and straightforward layout done for a game in one of the Short Games Digests.