#iHunt: A Fourgy (A Fivesome?)



An Anthology by Olivia Hill and Filamena Young

$5 is for PDF, $20 for Print Copy

This is the first anthology of #iHunt shorts. It features our first four novellas, and an all-new exclusive story called #iHunt: The Rear Window, written for this collection.

  • #iHunt: A Transylvanian Prince in Southern California: A story about an ancient vampire buying up some beachfront property, and how our hero Lana has to kill him.
  • #iHunt: Mayhem in Movieland: Lana’s been hired to solve a mysterious haunting at a theme park, but things aren’t what they look like on the surface.
  • #iHunt: Frankenstein’s Monster (Sort Of) (But Not Really): Lana’s hired to hunt down a rogue AI. We learn a bit about the nature of humanity… ha ha ha no she just gets into a brutal right with a robot.
  • #iHunt: A Dark Knight (Not THE Dark Knight): A sexy fun story where Lana trains to be a knight under a powerful vampire who needs her to duel a rival.
  • #iHunt: The Rear Window: Lana’s sick as a dog, and someone in the neighborhood needs her help with a strange ghost threatening her life. Lana has to manage the hunt remotely since she can barely even stand up.