Every Wednesday at 3PM to 6PM Pacific Time, on Twitch, I host either a Head Shot stream, or a Quick Doodle stream. The information you’ll find on this page is for the Quick Doodle Streams. Read further for all the information you might need!

What Is It?

A quick doodle is a picture or illustration that is completed in 15 minutes, from beginning to end. Most of the time it will include lineart, color and shading, but how much I can get done really depends on how complicated the Quick Doodle is. You may see samples above.

Subscribers and Patrons gain a discount!

How Does It Work?

When the stream starts, I will be working on whatever Art I have to do at the time for personal or business work, because I need to do something to pass the time while I wait for people to jump into the queue for Quick Doodles.

To get into the Queue someone pays the price ($9 or $6 for Subscribers/Patrons) and provides me information about what they want.

If I have a lot of interest at once, I will put together a queue of several before starting. Due to the timed-nature of the Quick Doodles, I can easily determine when to cut off the queue. Keep an eye on limits available, I expect to be able to do 10 Quick Doodles per stream, right now, but that depends on how quickly the prompts come in, which can affect that number.

After payment is confirmed, and I have all the information I need, I’ll get to work! Please provide the following in your descriptions:

  • Any specific details important to the character: skin color, eye color, scars, markings, hair style and color etc.
  • Be ready to provide references for something I’m unfamiliar with.
  • You may be very vague, “A plant monster” or “a fictional dinosaur”

I will not be interacting with chat much WHILE TIME IS ACTIVE. It’s not fair to you all if I get distracted by chat. Any details you don’t provide initially and try to change after I begin work may or may not be seen.

The work produced by this is timed, very rough and messy, in many occasions, and may not perfectly reflect your vision when requested. The casual and rough nature is what makes this style of art so inexpensive.


A Quick Doodle on stream costs $9. You may pay for a Quick Doodle with a Streamlabs Donation: $9 using the Streamlabs donation link. Patrons and Twitch Subscribers get a little bit of a discount ($3 off), paying only $6.